Director of Spiritual Alliances, LLC and The Foundation for Energy Therapies, Inc.
Also Founder/ Director "Integrative Mental Health for You"

Dr. Bragdon became very interested in John of God's work in 2001, the first time she went to Brazil. Since that time she has been an advocate and spiritual counselor/consultant, for those who want to learn from the spiritual healing work done in Brazil and contribute to Integrative Mental Health.

Dr. Bragdon led 60 group trips to Brazil from 2001-2012. Although these tours focused on John of God's healing work, she also took time to travel to explore Brazil and learn more about Spiritism, a social movement that 20-40 million Brazilians participate in. We would call it a form of spiritualism–but it is that and more. It is a path of healing and spiritual evolution that is ecumenical, welcoming everyone interested in spiritual growth. She sees it as a safe and powerful path of spiritual emergence.

The Foundation for Energy Therapies, a not for profit charitable foundation came to be in January, 2008. It will continue exploring the positive potentials of spiritual healing and energy medicine through research in Brazil in a systematic and rigorous way, up to standards of modern medical research. Towards this goal, it is collaborating with hospitals and Institutes in Brazil. The Foundation also offers tours for health professionals and ministers who want to experience Spiritist Psychiatric Hospitals where spiritual healers and allopathic physicians work side by side. These learning experiences are dynamic, experiential and include formal presentations, study/discussion of books, and films.

Dr. Bragdon is recognized as a developed medium and healer in Brazil. She prefers the word "sensitive" to describe her gifts. She does not give psychic readings—but uses her abilities to assist others in their spiritual evolution, as much as she can.

She has authored 7 published books and two documentary films. "The Newest DSM: Deliberately Seeking Mental Health" is available by clicking here. Her work has been generously supported by grants from many individuals and foundations.

And the Personal:
Enjoys kayaking, hiking, swimming, horseback riding, writing and singing. Love my son, his wife, and their kids and my lively circle of friends. Live in Vermont. Grateful for a million blessings in my life. My spiritual lineage in Buddhism: Graf Karlfried von Durkheim, Philip Kapleau, Shunryu Suzuki Roshi, Sogyal Rinpoche, the Dalai Lama. My father, Joseph Bragdon, was an MD, pathologist, professor, editor and researcher–he taught me perseverence and attention to detail and the joy of research. My mother, Marjorie Bragdon, was a visiting nurse. Through her I learned compassion and the joy of being of service to others.

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