We engage in two activities:
  • Facilitating Wellbeing: We organize and create venues to facilitate healing both for individuals and our ailing health care system. We perceive that aligning with the Spirit must occur before the body and mind can be fully well. Spirit is primary.
  • Education: We offer courses, tours, films, books and other educational materials about the positive potentials of an Integrative approach. Visit IMHU.org for more information.

Emma Bragdon, PhD is the founder of Spiritual Alliances and is the current Director.

Russell Razzaque, MD, is a unique spokesperson for an Integrative approach to managing mental health as he is an advocate of Mindfulness practices and other complementary therapies. Please take a few minutes to watch the video with Emma Bragdon interviewing Dr. Razzaque.

Introducing Russell Razzaque, MD-3 minutes from Emma Bragdon on Vimeo.

Since 2001 Spiritual Alliances, LLC, has been providing safe, supportive, comfortable, and inspiring tours to Brazil's Spiritist Centers and hospitals. Spiritual Alliances has also played a pivotal role in introducing "Spiritism" to those outside Brazil through books, journal articles, book chapters, and film.

"Spiritism," an unusual branch of Spiritualism, originated in Paris, France with an academic who initiated seminal research in psychic phenomena in the 1850s and 1860s. The materials he wrote created an ecumenical philosophy that supports mental health and spiritual evolution. Today, Spiritist mediums and healers work with conventionally trained physicians in more than fifty psychiatric hospitals, and more than 12,000 Spiritist community centers throughout Brazil.

The publishing house, "Lightening Up Press", was created in 1987 to print and distribute the work of Emma Bragdon, PhD. It does not publish any other materials. Lightening Up Press is a division of Spiritual Alliances. The work of Spiritual Alliances has been supported by generous grantors with the help of generous individual philanthropists as well as Foundations.

The Foundation for Energy Therapies, Inc. was created in 2008 to advance education and research in energy medicine within a not-for-profit framework to benefit the public good and align with other not-for-profit groups.