“The vesica pisces is an ancient symbol showing the intersection of the ordinary world with the extraordinary worlds. Our work studies this inspired arena of consciousness.”


MISSION: To Give Spirituality and Consciousness  Vital Roles in Mental Healthcare.

Emma Bragdon, PhD

The Foundation for Energy Therapies, Inc.

In January, 2008, Emma Bragdon and her team of advisors created the Foundation for Energy Therapies, Inc.—an educational and research-oriented organization funding projects to study the effectiveness of Energy Medicine and Spiritual Healing. In April, 2009, the IRS informed us that we have been accepted as a not-for-profit charitable organization, allowing us to receive tax-deductible contributions for our work.

Although our interest includes many forms of Energy Medicine from many cultures, we are currently focused on Brazil, as there has been a lot of success reported there about Spiritist therapies anecdotally, but little clinical research has been done. We therefore see a need for research, and have established relationships with health professionals in Brazil to collaborate on studies.

  • FET is currently doing business as “Integrative Mental Health University”.  We offer 40+ programs; most of them occur online.
  • One seminar at IMHU is specifically for health professionals and graduate school students who want to learn more about the model of care offered at Spiritist Psychiatric Hospitals and Community Centers in Brazil. We feel these models of complementary care may help our ailing health care system, invigorating it with proven ways to align conventional care with effective spiritual healing. These models can also enhance educational programs aimed at studying integrative medicine.
  • IMHU plans to continue producing courses, films, books, and audio-visual presentations to further educate the public about the effectiveness of energy medicine within the paradigm on Integrative Mental Health.
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Lightening Up Press (LUP)


Books & DVD’s

Published in 2002.
ISBN: 0-9620960-3-2

Published in 2013.
ISBN: 1466340835

Published in 2004.
ISBN: 0-9620960-5-9

(2006) In English with options for subtitles in Portuguese, German and French.  This is no longer in distribution. ISBN: 0-9620960-6-7

Began distribution in 2006 with new resources and referrals to assist those in spiritual crises.
ISBN: 0-9620960-1-6

(2008) In English with options for subtitles in French, Spanish or Portuguese.

Published in 2013.
ISBN: 1456611429

Current Project

For Health Professionals:
Visit Spiritist Psychiatric Hospitals and Community Centers in Brazil with Emma Bragdon, PhD.

“The trip was transformative for me both personally and professionally.”
~ A 2011 Participant

* * *

“I arrived in Brazil a physician full of questions armed with experiences in integrative medicine, but was a novice with the spiritual aspect of healing.  My two weeks with Emma Bragdon, PhD immersed in Spiritism… have changed my spiritual paradigm, and shown me the path from physician to healer.  The personal shift is undeniable – the outward expression of this shifting unfathomable.”
Shawn Tassone, MD, PhD (c), and author of “Spiritual Pregnancy”.

“Most Americans believe healing consists of manipulating the molecules in our body through the use of medications or surgery.  It comes as a surprise, therefore, to discover that sophisticated, effective healing traditions exist in other cultures that are based on a different approach. Spiritism and Mental Health is a marvelous introduction to the Brazilian Spiritist tradition. It is also a look at how consciousness-based research is transforming scientific medicine in our own culture.”
~ Larry Dossey, MD. The Power of Premonitions, Healing Words, and Reinventing Medicine

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